about makes me happy section

Makes Me Happy is on the ground level in Costa Rica providing the community with infrastructure logistical improvements to their waste management systems.

We have implemented various initiatives to promote environmental sustainability and make a positive impact on the local community. One of our major efforts involves collecting plastics and recyclables from 100 local schools, which has allowed us to reach approximately 10,000 children. In addition, we conduct monthly roadside cleanups to keep the streets clean and weekly beach cleanups in partnership with The Clean Wave. We also prioritize educating local schools on the importance of environmental sustainability and encourage them to participate in our programs. Finally, our organization provides housing for families in need through our "Green Homes program", which is aimed at creating eco-friendly housing options for those who may not have access to it otherwise. All of these initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and creating a better future for our community.

This is our commitment to  Environmental, Social and Educational outreach.